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Rep. Loudermilk Reacts to Capitol Police Clearing Him and 1/6 Continued Smear Campaign

Below are articles and interviews of Rep. Loudermilk reacting to the Capitol Police clearing him of any wrongdoing on Jan. 5, 2021. 

- To read the letter from the U.S. Capitol Police clearing Rep. Loudermilk of any wrongdoing, to read, CLICK HERE

- Rep. Loudermilk interview on Newsmax, to watch, CLICK HERE

- Associated Press: Police: Republican’s tour of Capitol complex not suspicious, to read, CLICK HERE

Below are articles and interviews regarding Rep. Loudermilk's reaction to the Jan. 6 Committee's continued smear campaign.

- Erick Erickson defends Rep. Loudermilk on his radio Show, to watch, CLICK HERE

- Rep. Loudermilk Releases Threats Made Against Him, His Family and Staff Due to J6 Committee Smears, to read, CLICK HERE