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Article I Project


  The Article I Project (A1P) is a new network of House and Senate conservatives working together on a broad agenda of reform to strengthen Congress by reclaiming its constitutional legislative powers that are now being improperly exercised by the Executive Branch.

"The President is not a lawmaker-in-chief, despite how desperately he wants to be,” said Rep. Loudermilk. “Our Founders understood that government, when not properly constrained, would become corrupt and no longer represent the interests of the people. That is why they disseminated the powers of the federal government between three independent branches. Congress was given the majority of authority because they are the closest to the people, and directly accountable. However, over time Congress has abdicated that authority allowing for an unfettered growth of government, which has resulted in the rise of a fourth branch, the regulatory agencies.

“Through this coalition of Conservative members of the House and Senate, we are reclaiming the Article I powers of the Constitution. Through a series of legislative initiatives, our goal is to restore Constitutional government, reclaim the power of the purse, reduce the impact regulatory agencies and bureaucrats have on the American people, and restore a nation 'of the people, by the people and for the people.'

“My office has been focusing on ending the era of big regulation, eliminating our crippling debt, and reigning in the runaway executive branch. I am excited to be part of the Article I Project and our vision of restoring a nation that is free, safe and full of opportunity.”

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