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  • Choice and Competition
    Posted in In The News on April 24, 2017 | Preview rr

    By Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) Op-ed run exclusively in The Daily Caller On September 6, 1976, Lieutenant Victor Belenko, a Soviet Air Force pilot, flew his MiG-25 to an airport in Japan where he surrendered the top-secret aircraft to the Japanese and immediately requested political asylum in the United States. With KGB agents eager to get their hands on the defector, Victor was brought to the United States and placed in the protective custody of the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was tu... Read more

  • Loudermilk Letter to EPA Leader on Truck Trailer Provision
    Posted in In The News on March 14, 2017 | Preview rr

    Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) issued the following statement after leading on a letter sent to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, to cut down on unnecessary regulations: “If it doesn’t have an engine, exhaust pipes, or the ability to move on its own, it’s not a ‘self-propelled vehicle.’ However, the EPA, under Obama, defined truck trailers as self-propelled vehicles so it could expand its regulatory reach beyond the limits set by Congress. Now that we have new leadership at the helm, I am again leading an... Read more

  • Rep. Loudermilk: NSF Grants Should Promote National Interests
    Posted in In The News on February 10, 2016 | Preview rr

    Washington D.C. (February 10, 2016) | Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) today spoke in favor of the Scientific Research in the National Interest Act (H.R. 3293), legislation that will ensure the most efficient use of taxpayer funding for federal research. Rep. Loudermilk is an original co-sponsor of the bill. Click here to view Rep. Loudermilk's remarks Background on H.R. 3293: H.R. 3293 will ensure federal funds are used efficiently for scientific grants and projects at the National Science Foundati... Read more

  • ‘The greatest test’: Rep. Loudermilk invokes Pearl Harbor, 9/11 to encourage Americans to be resolute
    Posted in In The News on December 8, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Homeland Security

    The Marietta Daily Journal | ‘The greatest test’: Rep. Loudermilk invokes Pearl Harbor, 9/11 to encourage Americans to be resolute By Ricky LeRoux CUMBERLAND — With uncertainty and worry on the minds of many after recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, said Monday that America’s resolve is being tested, just as it has been throughout the nation’s history. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” Loudermilk said. “Because we have liberty... Read more

  • The Marietta Daily Journal | U.S. Rep. Loudermilk talks Turkey, Iraq, Israel
    Posted in In The News on May 6, 2015 | Preview rr

    U.S. Rep. Loudermilk Talks Turkey, Iraq, and Israel MARIETTA — Freshman U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk’s trip to the Middle East as part of a Congressional delegation reminds him somewhat of running for office. “The intensity is very much like a campaign,” the Cassville Republican said. “The last couple of stops, we hadn’t even totally unpacked all of our bags. … It’s one meeting after the next after the next, (then) get on a plane to the next stop.” Speaking to the MDJ from Berlin, Loudermilk said ... Read more