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Rep. Loudermilk Releases Threats Made Against Him, His Family and Staff Due to J6 Committee Smears

Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) released the following statement and audio of some threatening phone calls his Washington, D.C. and district offices have received since the Jan. 6 Committee began their smears and false accusations:

(Click to play)

In response to the many threats, Rep. Loudermilk issued the following statement:

"The select committee’s irresponsible actions of releasing information to the press, instead of dealing directly with me, not only shows their lack of interest in pursuing the truth, but also has real and serious consequences. These are just a few of the threats that I, my family, and my staff have received since the committee made their baseless allegation, in the media, several weeks ago.

"Once again, instead of contacting me directly, the committee has released carefully edited and select information to the press, with the clear intention of creating a false narrative about the visit to my office by constituents on January 5, 2021. I, my family, and my staff continue to receive serious threats of violence.

"I hold the J6 committee members and their staff directly responsible for these unfounded accusations and threats."