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Rep. Loudermilk addresses initial findings of J6 Committee

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), Chairman of the Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, issued the following statement as it pertains to the subcommittee's initial findings after reviewing some of the documents obtained from the former Select Committee on the January 6 Attack: 

“As the subcommittee continues to go through over 2 million documents provided by the January 6th Select Committee, our initial review has found that their work was solely focused on pushing a pre-determined narrative and they selectively chose ‘facts’ to fit that narrative. I was the target of one of those narratives, when they accused me of giving a ‘reconnaissance tour. We’ve uncovered documents that prove the committee knew that the allegation that I gave a ‘reconnaissance tour’ was verifiably false, yet continued to make public accusations and ultimately printed that lie in their final report. It’s clear their work isn’t credible, and they owe every individual whose reputation they attempted to smear an apology.”


Timeline of events

What the January 6th Committee released vs. full USCP footage

NEVER BEFORE RELEASED VIDEO: The January 6th Committee had received footage taken by one of the visitors in Rep. Loudermilk’s group. The attached video shows that the group was solely watching the Congressman go to vote.

Supporting Documents (Rep. Sherrill reconnaissance tour accusation, Rep. Rodney Davis calls for the release of security footage, J6 Ctme May 19 letter, USCP letter clearing Rep. Loudermilk, J6 Ctme June 15 letter)