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New York Post: Biden won’t say if he pressed Xi Jinping on fentanyl, COVID-19 origins

New York Post: 

President Biden on Thursday refused to answer a question about whether he pressed Chinese President Xi Jinping on fentanyl exports and the origins of COVID-19 when they met this week — as House Republicans prepare to investigate the Biden family’s extensive financial links to Beijing.

Fentanyl and COVID-19 claimed about as many American lives in recent years as all of the nation’s wars combined, but a White House readout didn’t mention either after Biden’s three-hour Monday meeting with Xi in Bali, Indonesia.

“President Biden, is it true that you did not mention fentanyl or COVID origins to the Chinese president? How could that be true after more than 1 million Americans died?” a reporter for The Post shouted at Biden on the White House lawn as he returned from Asia.
Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) tweeted, “President Biden just met with China’s President Xi, and the White House refused to allow reporters to ask about Covid, fentanyl, or the rapid pace at which China is building coal-fired power plants. The American people deserve transparency.” READ MORE