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Rep. Loudermilk: Biden Administration Must Abandon Nuclear Deal Talks with Iran Now

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) issued the following statement regarding the Biden administration’s refusal to end its pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran:

“Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, as well as an aggressive adversary to the United States and our allies in the Middle East. Iran has been supplying Vladimir Putin with drone technology that he has recently used to kill Ukrainians. The regime has also resorted to draconian and deadly tactics against its own citizens to try and suppress a revolution of freedom-loving Iranians who have been protesting against the Ayatollah for human rights abuses and the killing of Mahsa Amini.

"While Iran has shown little restraint in its pursuit of nuclear weapons, and continues to fund international terrorism, President Biden and his administration have refused to close the door on nuclear negotiations with this country. Instead, the administration has merely put a ‘hold’ on nuclear negotiations with the radical regime. If a deal is reached, it would loosen sanctions on the Ayatollah, allow the regime to acquire more resources to fund terrorism and to supply more missiles and drones to Russia. The fact that this administration has not cut off all communications with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and abandoned pursuit of this deal altogether, should disturb every American.

"I’m calling on the Biden administration to abandon their pursuit of this deal now. Additionally, I am supporting a U.S. House resolution, H.Con.Res.110, which commends the bravery the Iranian protestors, condemns the beating and death of Mahsa Amini, and calls for the Biden administration to sanction the Iranian morality police, which is responsible for Amini ‘s death.”