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National Review: ‘Slap in the Face’: Republicans Enraged after Biden ‘Forgives’ Billions in Student Debt

National Review: 

Republican lawmakers blasted Joe Biden’s Wednesday executive order to “forgive” billions of dollars of federal student-loan debt, arguing that the “scheme” benefits the upper class, and transfers the cost to taxpayers, the majority of whom did not attend college.

Biden’s order “cancels” $10,000 in federal student debt for individuals making under $125,000 annually and households making under $250,000 annually, as well as relieving $20,000 in debt for Pell grant recipients.
Republican Georgia Representative Barry Loudermilk said that the “forgiveness” is an “insult” to the American people “who have worked so hard to pay off their student loans and other debts.”

“Not only does this decision raise legal concerns, it will also not help inflation and will cost American taxpayers an estimated $300 billion,” he added. READ MORE