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RedState: January 6th Committee Goes Full BlueAnon in Slanderous Attack on GOP Congressman


The January 6th committee continues to promise filet mignon. They keep delivering beef bottom round.

As RedState has chronicled, with the first two hearings in the book, including a two-hour primetime special, there has been no evidence provided that Donald Trump organized and coordinated an “insurrection” to stop the peaceful transfer of power following the 2020 election. Instead, we’ve gotten yet more innuendo, weak narrative building, and attempts to connect dots that are miles apart.

We’ve gotten USCP officers emoting as if the only riot to have ever occurred happened at the Capitol, but nothing to justify the stated basis of the committee, which was to prove a conspiracy involving the former president.

In short, the January 6th committee has nothing, they know they have nothing, and now they are lashing out with wild conspiracy theories previously only found on BlueAnon Twitter. READ MORE