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Rep. Loudermilk Condemns Violent Palestinian Terrorist Attacks Against Israeli Civilians

Washington D.C. (October 20, 2015) | Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) issued the following statement today in response to the recent surge of Palestinian-led terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians:

“Terrorism in any form is a deplorable act, especially when the attacks are carried out against innocent citizens going about their peaceful lives in their own communities. The vicious terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens are reprehensible and should be condemned by the international community.

“However, as the swell of violence against Israeli citizens has continued to escalate, Obama’s State Department recently suggested that Israel used 'excessive force' in defending its people against terrorism. Really? It is the role of government to protect its own citizens, and if the people of my hometown were threatened with these targeted acts of death and destruction, I would expect the government to take every action necessary to stop the violence and eliminate the perpetrators. I believe most Americans would agree, but when the victims live in Israel, sometimes we tend to use a different standard. Murder is evil, regardless if it takes place in a small town in America's heartland or on a playground in Israel.

“Irresponsible comments, like the ones coming from our State Department, send the wrong message to our enemies – especially at a time when an ally in the tumultuous Middle East is merely protecting itself from those who seek its destruction.

“I recently was in Israel and visited one of the peaceful communities in the area near Gaza, which is transformed into a combat zone when rockets are fired by Iranian-backed terrorists operating in Gaza. I have stood at a bomb shelter next to a playground where children are taught to run to, in order to avoid the deadly shrapnel of terrorists’ rockets.

“I have also visited neighborhoods near Jerusalem, where walls are erected to protect Israeli citizens from snipers shooting from nearby Palestinian neighborhoods. I also traveled into Palestinian controlled towns within the West Bank and met with officials of the Palestinian Authority. The desire for a peaceful coexistence with Israel was the foremost topic of our discussion; however, with the recent acts of terrorism, it appears that Instead of working toward peace and lasting stability, the Palestinian Authority is inciting violence to inflame tensions between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

“We cannot stand quietly by or cast blame on Israel for brutal acts of violence being carried out upon their citizens. The nation of Israel deserves the right to protect itself against violent acts of terror and insidious attacks that seek to undermine its statehood. As terror becomes an all-too-familiar reality for Israeli citizens, we must work together to protect the Israeli people and unequivocally defend their right to exist.

“Our prayers are with the innocent Israeli families whose lives have been shattered through these cowardly acts of violence. Now, more than ever, we must stand in solidarity with them as they endure these attacks from neighboring nations, and insurgents who live within their own borders.”