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Rep. Loudermilk: CR Gives Administration Blank Check to Continue Reckless Spending

Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) issued the following statement today regarding his decision to vote against the Continuing Resolution (CR) for FY2016, a short-term funding extension which runs through December 11, 2015:

“With an $18 trillion dollar debt and regulations squeezing the life out of American businesses and families, we must stop governing from crisis to crisis. The Constitution gives Congress the authority and the responsibility to fund the government through an appropriations process; but that procedure has been abandoned, and now we just approve short-term funding extensions that do nothing to address our nation’s insurmountable debt.

“Every time we pass a continuing resolution, we are giving the Obama Administration a blank check to continue with the same damaging policies. Since the CR does not specifically address all of the hard-earned tax dollars being spent on Planned Parenthood's atrocities, the EPA's crippling regulations, and a host of other ill advised rules being forced on Americans by this Administration, I simply cannot vote to extend funding to these out-of-control programs and agencies.

“Moving ahead, I look forward to working with the new leadership team to get America’s economy on track, balance the budget, and bring order back to the appropriations process.”