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Rep. Barry Loudermilk Supports Benjamin Netanyahu’s Call for a Nuclear-Free Iran

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) issued the following statement on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address before today’s joint session of Congress:

“I firmly stand with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and our allies in opposing a nuclear-capable Iran. As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, now is not the time to lift sanctions on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. 

“In comparison to neighboring countries, Israel represents one of the smallest nations in the Middle East; but, despite its limited geography, Israel remains at the center of the world stage and faces a constant barrage of violence from surrounding Arab nations. These same nations that are relentless in their pursuit to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth are also the very ones seeking to expand their nuclear armament.

“I strongly urge the U.S. State Department and the international community to carefully consider the potential repercussions of allowing hostile nations such as Iran to expand or grow their nuclear weapons programs. A nuclear-capable Iran presents a formidable challenge to Israel’s very existence, and we must stand firm to defend our greatest ally against those who would seek its destruction.

“Additionally, Iran is a threat to the United States and our national interests, both overseas and at home. With a long history of directly supporting terrorism against the United States and its allies, a nuclear-armed Iran would significantly jeopardize the safety and security of all Americans.”