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Democrats Continue Policy of 'No'

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) issued the following statement after the first few days of the 116th Congress:

“Last week, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer visited the White House to supposedly negotiate reopening the closed portions of the federal government, their response to any offer of negotiation was a resounding 'No.' While their response on securing our southern border made headlines, there are several other key issues that the Democrats have said ‘No’ to in just the first few days of the 116th Congress. These issues, which Republicans tried to bring to the floor for a vote, were some that Democrats claimed were important policies for them. However, Democrats have repeatedly voted against them. Are they against border security, or just against working with this President to fix it? Are they opposed to these policies, or are they just against working with Republicans to fix them?”