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U.S. House Sends Three Major Appropriations Bills to President's Desk

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Washington, September 14, 2018 | comments
Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) issued the following statement after the House passed a package of three appropriations bills for FY 2019:

“The package of three appropriations bills passed this week marks the first time Congress has completed more than one spending bill on time in over a decade. This package, which President Trump is expected to sign into law, includes the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, Legislative Branch, and Energy and Water Appropriations bills. For too long, Congress has kicked the can down the road and let politics and petty differences interfere with its own appropriations process. And, though we still have work to do, my colleagues and I look forward to passing the remaining appropriations bills on-time, this month.

“These three FY 2019 appropriations bills will help rebuild our deteriorating military infrastructure, strengthening our national security; improve care for our veterans by increasing health care services, like modernizing the VA’s electronic health record system; revitalize our ports and waterways, adding funds to limit flood and storm damage; provide additional funds targeting growing our energy independence, which will further stimulate our economy; continue members of Congress’ pay freeze, and allow Congress the means to maintain fiscal responsibility.”

FY 2019 Appropriations Bills:

Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriation Bill

• $86.5 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs
• Speeds up claim processing for more than 450 thousand veterans
• Modernizes the VA’s electronic healthy record system
• $10.3 billion for military construction projects
• Prioritizes $8 billion for construction on U.S. military bases

Energy and Water Appropriations Bill:

• Supports a strong nuclear national strategy with a total of $15.23 billion for the Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons security programs
• Secures our nation’s energy infrastructure against cyber threats and other attacks
• Encourages U.S. economic competitiveness and advances our nation’s goal of energy independence

Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill:

• Enhances safety and security of the Capitol Complex
• Provides funds for the operation of the U.S. House of Representatives
• Maintains the 10% spending cut for Congress
• Continues the member pay freeze
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