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Rep. Loudermilk: Our Military Readiness Will Not Be Hurt By Suspending Exercises in South Korea

Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) appeared on Fox Business to discuss the North Korea Summit and the reaction around Capitol Hill. 

On Democrats saying ending U.S. war games with South Korea will hurt our military readiness:

“It’s not going to hurt our military readiness. The president said he is willing to suspend these annual war games if they totally denuclearize. These war games are to prepare to defend South Korea against a North Korea attack; and if we can bring peace to the region, why don’t we suspend them?... There is going to be verification.”

On Dems saying the joint statement is very worrisome, imprecise, and the president is giving up substantial leverage:

“They must be confused, Stuart... they must be talking about Obama’s agreement with Iran, because that is totally different from what I’m seeing. Nancy Pelosi said that, he [President Trump] gave concessions for vague promises – that is far from the truth. He [President Trump] said, we are going to go down this path; we’re going to verify, they are going to denuclearize, and we are going to make sure they do. It’s amazing to me they [Democrats] thought the JCPOA was a good deal - which actually did elevate Iran to the United States…it’s status quo. They put their party above America’s safety and security.”