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Rep. Loudermilk: Obama Administration Allowed Iran Access to the American Financial System

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Washington, June 8, 2018 | comments
Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) appeared on Fox News to discuss the Congressional investigation which reported the Obama administration misled Congress and allowed Iran to access the U.S. financial system.

On how the Obama administration allowed Iran access to the U.S. financial system:

“It’s ironic that you had Barack Obama in 2007 criticize the federal government by saying too many deals were done behind closed doors, and done by the stroke of the pen without engaging the American people… That’s exactly what was done here. The [Obama] administration reported to Congress that they [Iran] would have no access to the American financial system; but behind closed doors, and with the stroke of the pen, they gave a license away.”

On why American banks refused work with the Obama administration to help Iran recover overseas funds:

“You’re right, there is enough patriotism still in this country – especially with our banks and our financial system…they know the difference between right and wrong. They understand that President Rouhani has repeatedly said that the chants of ‘Death to America!’ is what unites their country.”

On how U.S. negotiations with Iran should have transpired:

“First of all, this entire deal should have gone through Congress; and the reason President Obama didn’t do that, is because he knew Congress would not approve a deal like this. A deal that basically empowers one of our greatest enemies; an enemy that threatened to destroy the United States and our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel.”

On the potential long-term ramifications of the Iran Deal:

“They’ve continued to violate the sanctions agreed to, but the money they received - they immediately started purchasing anti-aircraft missiles, and they are strengthening their military. This is a rogue regime that hates the United States - they hate freedom, they hate everything we stand for, and we know that they are going to violate the sanctions; we know that they have continued to try to develop weapons. As part of the agreement, they banned access to their military installations. Anybody in their right mind would understand, if you are going to develop a nuclear weapon, you move it to your military installations and deny access to the inspectors.”

On former President Obama’s leadership style, and how he handled the Iran negotiations:

“The philosophy of ‘leading from behind’ by the previous administration - we now understand was behind the backs of the American people and behind the backs of Congress.”
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