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Our Immigration system should benefit America while protecting American workers and wages. In order to support a system that works across all states and in varying terrains, we must employ a multi-faceted approach to securing our borders. This includes the use of specialized technology and other time-tested methods, such as increasing the presence of law enforcement and reinforcing the fences and walls along the U.S. border.

Once the borders are secured, we must focus our attention toward reforming our interior enforcement and legal immigration systems. Currently, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Catch and Release policies are demoralizing for the men and women who continually put their lives on the line defending our country at its borders, and for the immigrants who came to our country legally.

As a former member of the Committee on Homeland Security and one who’s witnessed firsthand the situation along our southernmost borders, I am opposed to blanket legalization for those who have illegally entered or illegally reside in this country. We need to make our immigration system more efficient and workable in order to avoid 10-15 year waiting periods and $15,000 legal bills for people who desire to become a U.S. citizen legally. This is the dream of so many around the world, and it is our duty to take our immigration policies seriously.