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Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Boundary Adjustment Act of 2015, H.R. 3371 (Sponsor)

  • This bill would expand the park’s boundary to include the Wallis House and Harriston Hill, located near the intersection of Burnt Hickory Road and Barrett Parkway in Marietta, Georgia. Under this legislation, the National Park Service would be authorized to acquire the property by donation.
  • The Wallis House is one of the few original Civil War structures at Kennesaw Mountain and is one of the rare pieces of property with historical significance for both Union and Confederate purposes.
  • Most of the park’s existing attractions pertain to the Confederate Army, and this bill will enhance visitors’ understanding of the Union’s side of the story.
  • Built by Josiah Wallis in 1853 and occupied by his family until the Civil War, the house was next used as a hospital by the Confederate Army.
  • In the Atlanta Campaign, the Wallis House was used as headquarters for Union General William T. Sherman during the Battle of Kolb’s Farm.
  • The house was also used as headquarters for Union General Oliver O. Howard during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, one of the bloodiest one-day battles of the entire war and the last major battle before the fall of Atlanta.
  • In coordination with the National Park Service, Cobb County purchased the house with the intent to donate it to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.
  • The purchase also included land encompassing Harriston Hill, which was used by Union General Howard as a signaling position.
  • This legislation is an essential step toward preserving our nation’s heritage and valuable Civil War history.
  • In 2002, the Wallis House was in danger of being demolished by a real estate developer.
  • Along with Cobb County, this bill is supported by the National Park Service, Kennesaw Mountain Park, and several park volunteer organizations and historical societies in my district
  • Previous bill passed the House in 2010 by voice vote.
  • Current bill passed the Natural Resources Committee by unanimous consent on February 3, 2016.
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