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Over two centuries ago, our Founding Father’s helped establish the greatest nation on Earth. From the bonds of tyranny, they envisioned a land where men and women were free to choose their own destiny. Now it is up to us to preserve this right, so that our children and subsequent generations will understand what it means to be free. 

Our nation’s veterans were all a part of this long line of Patriots whose unwavering commitment has preserved the rich legacy of freedom for future generations. While any country can experience freedom temporarily, enduring freedom must be fought for, protected, and passed down to each generation. 

While most Americans are able to enjoy the everyday conveniences of civilian life, our service men and women have sacrificed precious time with family to live in distant lands far away from home. This is no small sacrifice, and it certainly does not go unnoticed. 

Our veterans fought for our freedom, and they should have the freedom to choose their own doctor and receive the care and benefits they deserve. 

Veterans Resources

If you are a veteran and need assistance, we are here to serve you. Your questions and concerns are important to us, so please feel free to call our office at any time at 770-429-1776. In order for us to open a Congressional case on your behalf, we will need you to complete the following privacy release form. 

For frequently asked questions about the Veterans Administration and information on how we can assist you, click HERE.

For additional information, please visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Find out what’s happening in Congress concerning veteran’s affairs by visiting the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

Major 2017 legislative victories for veterans and our military

2017 Defense Appropriations

H.R. 1259 - The VA Accountability First Act of 2017

H.R. 1367 — To improve the authority of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to hire and retain physicians and other employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and for other purposes.

H.R. 1181 — Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act

Statement: Loudermilk Votes For Common Sense Reforms in the VA

Key Veterans bills passed by the House since January 2015

VA Accountability Act | H.R. 1994

Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention | H.R. 203

Hire More Heroes | H.J. Res 61

Long-Term Care Veteran Choice | H.R. 294

To Recoup VA bonuses and awards | H.R. 280

Veterans ID Card | H.R. 91

Homes for Heroes | H.R. 251

Homeless Veterans Reintegration | H.R. 474

Vulnerable Veterans Housing Reform | H.R. 1816

Ensuring VA Employee Accountability | H.R. 1038

Construction Authorization | H.R. 2496

Boosting Rates of American Veteran Employment | H.R. 1382

Veteran Entrepreneurship | H.R. 2499

VA Budget Planning | H.R. 216

Veterans Info Modernization | H.R. 2256

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Relief | H.R. 1313

Ruth Moore | H.R. 1607